An Ioniqa & KTS Solution

Making PET plastic infinitely
recyclable, without compromise

Denua™️ is the catalytic upcycling process that delivers truly circular PET plastic. Created by Ioniqa and implemented at scale in partnership with Koch Technology Solutions, this new method makes recycling an option for PET plastic currently destined for landfill.

High-purity BHET

Converts low-quality / low-cost post-consumer PET into high-purity BHET monomers with high conversion and yields

Infinite recyclability

Excellent color, clarity and mechanical performance of the PET produced results in infinitely recyclable PET

Carbon footprint reduction

Approximately 50% carbon emissions reduction vs vPET

Easily integrated

Easily integrated into existing PET operations or built as a standalone unit for sales or distribution of BHET

Revolutionizing PET Circularity

Through Ioniqa's catalytic upcycling process and Koch Technology Solutions’ decades of experience in PET technology licensing and process development, we seamlessly integrate our product and process into your operations to deliver rPET equivalent in performance, versatility, and clarity to virgin PET.  Denua™️ achieves circularity in PET plastic previously thought to be impossible.

Easily Integrated Into Existing Operations

Denua™️ technology can be easily integrated into an existing PET facility to take advantage of the infrastructure including utilities, logistics, and fundamental maintenance and operations capabilities. The high-purity BHET produced can replace up to 100% of the virgin PTA and EG with optimal results. Denua™️ can recycle most post-consumer PET, including sorter rejects, fines, and colored flakes into high-purity BHET and subsequent PET as opposed to mechanical recycling that requires high-purity clear flake feedstock. Despite the feedstock being low cost and low quality, the recycled PET (rPET) produced is superior to mechanical rPET, offering excellent clarity, virgin-like color, and no degradation in mechanical properties.

Recent news

October 17, 2023

Koch-Ioniqa partnership sparks plastic recycling transformation.

August 24, 2023

More than enough plastic for recycling companies, but growing is difficult.

September 13, 2022

Koch Technology Solutions and Ioniqa Technologies partner to disrupt plastics industry through advanced pet upcycling technology.

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An Ioniqa & KTS Solution

An Ioniqa & KTS Project

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